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Welcome to Dubai Holiday Specialists!

Ahh Dubai! The name alone conjures images of a far off exotic land, filled with a ultra modern dessert landscape. Dubai is a great travel location for those with adventure in their hearts. You can go sand boarding, scuba diving, visit the world tallest building etc. Dubai is one of the most modern and rapidly growing cities in the world. As the tourism industry here continues to skyrocket, with more and more international visitors each year, we are here to help guide you to the best adventures to be had!

dubai couple on vacation

We are a couple of Ex-pats from the USA who used to visit Dubai multiple times each year for business, and after several trips here, we knew we had found our own little slice of paradise. In 2010 we sold our house in Florida and moved to Dubai full time! A big step but one that was definitely an exciting change of pace for a couple of recent retirees. Our friends and family were so proud of us and were always referring anyone they knew interested in visiting Dubai for vacation to us. We decided to start this website to help anyone else around the world who was interested in visiting the Middle East plan their trip and becoming familiar with some of the more exotic customs this wonderful place has.


If you are looking to go sand boarding out on the dunes, we are here to help you! or perhaps some scuba diving in the lovely ocean waters here, where the temperatures are always high and there is so much to see. We can help set you up with a local guide and also list of some of our favorite local restaurants that serve up yummy spiced dishes. There is so much to experience in this country that you will probably be looking to come back for a second trip, right after the first! We are here to give you an outsiders perspective in this interesting region and help make your Dubai holiday as special as can be!