A Day of Awesome Scuba Diving in Dubai

Last week we had the opportunity to go for an underwater scuba diving adventure, courtesy of our friend who runs a local dive center here in Dubai. He had the day off and offered to take us on a 2 tank dive with a small group of friends. The dive shop was closed for the day and it was a nice chance to catch up! The sun was blazing hot and beamed down on our white dive boat as it sliced it’s way across the turquoise waves. Everyone was grinning in anticipation of the dives to come. We both recently got PADI certified for our 23rd anniversary and take any opportunity that arises to descend the the ocean depths. Lucky for us, the diving conditions in Dubai are spectacular.

scuba diving in dubai
into the deep!

It is very interesting diving on the man made reefs surrounding the Isla Palm, the iconic palm tree shaped island that is just off the coast of the city. It is an iconic sight to behold from the air, and an even better one from the ocean deep! Large schools of fish swirl around the shallows, darting about and playing in the shafts of sunlight that filer down past the surface. Our small group rolled backwards overboard and began our dive through the reef. David, our friend and divemaster certainly knows the local dive sites very well and we followed him as we did a roundabout tour of the outer palm leaves. With such a small group it was not hard to stick together, one of the important rules of scuba diving (along with never hold your breath).

We spotted some large eagle rays gliding effortlessly through the shallow water, enjoying the sun as much as us. It was a beautiful sight and one we hope to see more often, as the man made reefs around Dubai continue to flourish. This is leading to a steadily growing scuba diving industry, which we happily embrace of course! David was kind enough to lend us some brand new Scuba gear free of charge, and we will soon be investing in a set of scuba dive gear of our own, there are plenty of scuba gear packages to chose from. It can be an expensive hobby, but anyone who has spent time in the ocean will quickly fall in love with it. On our second dive we encountered several large groupers feasting on a shoal of smaller fish. These giants appeared sluggish but when snapping some food they could move with a very quick snap.

scuba diving with eagle rays
Some beautiful spotted eagle rays

So after 2 dives of 45 minutes each, we all surfaced with smiles on our faces! And as the dive boat jetted us back to the mainland we enjoyed an after dive cocktail as the Arabian sun slowly sank down past the horizon. It is always a beautiful way to end the day, and this was certainly a nice way to end a day of Dubai Scuba Diving. Also, when scuba diving it is best to be super safe and use a dive computer! You can find some really awesome reviews of the Best Dive COMPUTERS at this awesome website. Have fun everyone!