the wonders of dubai cooking!

Anyone who travels on a regular basis will tell you one of the best things to experience when visiting a new place is the food! The world has so many amazing culinary delights on offer that it can boggle the mind when you think about it. Cultures each contributing their own home grown recipies to produce a gigantic melting pot of flavor for any lucky traveler visiting an exotic location. Just be sure to bring an open mind and you will be thankful you tried something new for a change!


We love the fact that Dubai has an enormous food culture, from local cooking to high class downtown restaurants, there is something for everyone. Personally we enjoy the local side of the food experience here and we recently had a chance to sit down with some friends for a local potluck of sorts, with everyone bringing their own specialty dish from home. It was a fantastic evening of swapping stories and family recipes as the sun went down over the majestic sand dunes. By the end everyone was stuffed full and there was still plenty of leftovers to bring home!

curry cooking

The various dishes created a tantalizing atmosphere that even the most seasoned foodie would be able to find something new and interesting to sample. Kashmiri potatoes, various curries and rice dishes. Hand made flat bread and baked bread, it was fantastic. On our side of things we decided to bring a slow cooked flank of lamb. We recently purchased a Hamilton Beach slow cooker and have been loving the results. If you are thinking about getting one for yourself, you can find some great Slow cooker reviews online. Lucky for us it was an instant hit and went over well with everyone who had a chance to sample the dish.

slow cooker reviews roast

As the conversation and fire began to die down, it was apparent everyone was extremely full and the event was a great sucess. so much so that there is already rumors of another such cooking get together coming up next month! If this can become a monthly tradition for local groups here in Dubai that is an awesome way to help build the community and meet your fellow neighbors. It takes the stress of preparing a meal out of the evening as you only have to make one dish, but get to sample dozens of others! To us that is definitley a win win situation. So keep cooking and experiencing new tasty and interesting foods while traveling, and if you are in Dubai during one of our cookouts, you are certainly welcome to drop by and see what we have to offer! Happy trails!