What To Do While in Dubai?!

Everyone always asks us of the top things they must do while visiting Dubai. This question is extremely hard to answer, because there is simply so much to see! It really depends on what experience you wish to have while traveling. Do you seek adventure? Or perhaps an exotic culinary experience?! We find that everyone traveling to Dubai has their own special holiday or travel objective, from aspiring travel bloggers to scuba divers looking to experience the Middle East for the first time. It’s up to you to define what you find exciting and then execute your plan to make the most of your trip!

Here are our 5 suggestions on some popular activities you can do while traveling to Dubai.

Visit the worlds tallest building!

There is something both terrifying and exciting about visiting the Burj Khalifa, an incredible spire and feat of human engineering. This iconic building rests in the heart of Dubai and can be seen from miles around. Visiting this amazing landmark is simply a must for anyone traveling to Dubai for the first time. You wouldn’t go to paris and not stop to see the Eiffel tower would you? Make sure to get there early as lines ┬ásometimes happen and you don’t want to be stuck outside in the hot sun!

burj khalifa in dubai
The epic Burj Khalifa

Go Sky Diving over the coast!

There is nothing quite like watching the azure blue waters of the Dubai coast stretch out for miles below you as adrenaline surges through your veins. With some amazing luxury sky diving companies operating the the area, booking a day of this exciting activity is not hard. The hard part is summoning the courage to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft! But the rewards for the daring are incredible as you plummet to earth above the vast cityscape, enjoying the views Dubai has to offer. While this might not appeal to everyone, it is a great rush for those adventure junkies looking for a cool place to enjoy the sport of sky diving.

Scuba Dive in the amazing ocean waters

If skydiving isn’t your thing, then perhaps scuba diving might be! Far more laid back and relaxing of an experience, there is some fantastic underwater rewards awaiting avid scuba divers who see adventure under the sea. The sea around the coastline of Dubai is stunningly blue and while the diving conditions are great, this is still an underutilized slice of paradise. You will find diving in smaller groups is easy and that is always amazing.

scuba diving in Dubai
scuba diving in Dubai!

Go Explore the Dessert

Images of large flowing dunes surrounding an oasis is pretty much the iconic shot of Dubai in every hollywood movie. You should take advantage of this unique climate to experience one of the harshest environments people survive in on a daily basis. Hire a local guide to take you in a 4×4 out to the dune sea, or perhaps rent a camel and take a sunset trek atop the sand dunes. This is a very fun activity to do once you get used to Camel as an actual mode of human transport! Break out of your comfort zone and experience a new culture and open yourself up to the incredible vistas the dessert has to offer. How often do you get a chance to ride a Camel back home?!

dubai camel rides